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The Sholuchian Beast of a Monster by Aldo Otero
October 25, 2007, 13:04
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The Sholuchian Beast of a Monster


It resembles the body of a black sea serpent and the head of an old Chinese man. Witnesses of this monster have stated that it does talk in riddles in a strange language that resembles Latin. It resides mostly in the European seas but has been seen all over the world. Rumor has it that a strange black film moving extremely fast and was very long had passed next to the titanic before it bit the Titanic’s hull and made it crash into a iceberg and sunk but that’s very skeptical. He is rumored to be 30 feet long and extremely agile and it outran the extreme jet boats at the extreme jet boat race in nova Scotia. The earliest sighting was in 1200bc in the Nile river where an Egyptian named Sholuchian spotted it and named it then was eaten by it and so was his family and so was the village and it was called the Sholuchian massacre of a beast of a monster… The next sightings have been exactly 50 years apart from each other which hints at a obscure slumber pattern and it is rumored to live in an underwater cave where other sea monsters also rumored to reside, the coordinates are 67,14,132,158,12,#54883code99122pw995aoodllajd,395,1992,19245,usernamepoopenfacen,oops,1200,1200049959942234989812:59pm~ it is rumored that you can see the cave from a sharp and tall and slippery cliff of death in the edge of Crete and on summer’s eve on the year that resides double digits of a 0 at midnight a whirlpool will form and suck in the island of Crete into it’s very dark and deep abyss.