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The Nothing. by Aldo Otero
October 8, 2011, 12:46
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We don't look like this.

It’s been a while. As you can see in the picture, we’ve been gone long enough for a beard to grow in. One of us has even acquired a hat, with a feather sticking out of it. Yes, as you can see, we have done alright for ourselves, beard and hat.

I got a phone call yesterday from a man named Colton, formerly Robert Paulson. He was keen to pitch an idea for a script. Mustaches, guns, and old people, these things would make for the core idea for our new project.  I told him he was insane and I had nothing in the world I would rather do than focus on a project that involved the shooting of old mustached people.

So to my basic ideas on the movie:

Revolves around two friends. We’ll call one Robert and the other Andy, for the time being that is.

Robert, white guy. Early 20s, has a job which he hates, family, and the such. Truthfully, robert hasn’t been thought out yet too much. But I will add to it over time.

Andy, will be of a different ethnicity to Robert, as I am to Colton. Same age range. Has no job, and is flat out broke. Living off of his parents, and is extremely lazy. This is starting to sound familiar. Andy has a problem with his nihilism and some leftover teenage angst. No matter what he ends up doing he can’t seem to find enough enjoyment out of it. Robert’s outlook on the world will be a bit different, where he sees where they live as too noisy, but not in a vibrant way. The color and feel of the movie will reflect that, specially as the story progresses, mostly gray/cloudy/rainy/windy/cold days whilst in the town which they dislike. As they traverse through adventure and start to find joy as they get toward their disillusioned goal, the movie and scenery will brighten.

I think the setting could fit into a small city, not too small of a town or anything. Pretty diverse and the such.  More detail to follow.

So there are a few elements to the plot in mind:

The first few minutes or so could be a quick run through of the typical day the guys usually experience, while the credits roll.  The first real conversation of the movie could be andy and robert discussing a total disgust for their current situations. They have grown tired of it and find it so dull that every day seems to run into the next and its always gray. They figure that they should move but don’t give it much thought. The movie then starts setting up the reason for the move, they have an exponentially bad day and the such. I should probably do a little outline thing.

I. Intro/Credits, Quick run through of the typical day for rob and andy(Day 1)

II. Conversation discussing the current situation that they have found themselves. Bad day for both of them. at the end of the day, they are both hanging out and decide that they will move and they decide on moving [to the most boring town in the united states.](Day 2).

III. They decide that before they leave the current town, they will do what they have always wanted, offend who they hate the most, and so on. Pretty much just destroying their lives, and disposing of their friends and what not. Being bad people. (Day 3)

IV. At this point I’m running out of juice. Quite literally, I have almost finished my tea, so I will quit here, but at this point this is where they would start meeting people along their journey, through which those experiences will help them see that they don’t actually want to do nothing for the rest of the lives.

Oh yeah, their main goal of moving is so that can do absolutely nothing, living a life of total nothingness. I am thinking that through the trip and what not they find characters and experiences that makes them see otherwise by the time they get to their final destination.

P.S. I know no one reads this, but in case someone ever does. We don’t look anything like that picture I did in MS Paint. just in case.