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The First Sighting… by Aldo Otero

My name is Andy Harris(the typer at the moment) and the guy sitting next to me is Robert Paulson. We are suppose to be working/studying on our college psychology class but one thing led to another, links were clicked, thoughts were spoken and now we both agree that monsters are cool and we have agreed on starting a blog which will consist of a daily posting of a brand new conspiracy theory about a new monster that we make up. Uhmm nothing much else to say except coke is better than pepsi.


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one day i was goin down the road, and fell asleep. then a gigantic beast appeared right in front of me. it was the crazy, Beeping Misty Mountain monster, and at her side just a plain old calculator, but there it was, the nightmare of all nightmares. The Beeping Misty Mountain monster if you have been fortunate enough to escape looks alot like a colorblind grandma minus the gray hair, and the cooking skills. whatever you do don’t make eye contact or she will make you crap yourself. if you ever happen to make it to the bathroom, do not argue with her fiancee holy juju the holy book thrower

Comment by Musafa

Andy put up the banner.

Comment by Robert Paulson

I don’t have it stupid.

Comment by Andy

I just read it that was awesome

Comment by Musafa

shut up whitey. I am just messing with you

Comment by Musafa

Can the owner of The Daily Beast contact me? I have a business proposal. I want to buy a property from you.

Jimmy Moy
718 874 9304
Flushing, NY

Comment by Jimmy Moy

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